About Mr. Max

Max Eddy is a writer living in the Astoria, New York. A Michigan native, he continues to be enthralled by a large-scale, functioning mass-transit system.

Despite being raised by reasonable adults, Max Eddy completed an English degree with the University of Michigan in 2008. Remember, he chose to do that. Everyone warned him, but he did it anyway.

At the University, his studies focused on getting the most out of having access to world-class teachers. He took classes on Psychology, Linguistics, Scandinavian Literature, Zoroastrianism, Horticulture, German language, and especially English literature. He also took several classes on writing, seeking to improve his own abilities.

Also while at U of M, Max served as the Editor in Chief for the Gargoyle Humor magazine. He regards it as a major accomplishment, though he's sure his friends and family are tired of hearing about it.

He has since moved into the strange outside world, hoping to use his passion for writing to engage with other people and maybe make some money.

In his personal life, Max is something of a debonaire raconteur renaissance-everyman; an intriguing mixture of Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Phillips Sousa, and James Bond. He enjoys comic books, Icelandic sagas, humor, gardening in the sun, traveling as cheaply as possible, inventive fiction, and alcohol snobbery.

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